Accordance Bible (v11)

Designed by Daniela Meyer of Gutensite, the Version 11 refresh of the Accordance Bible website was one of my favorite design installs so far. While Accordance has only been a Bronstrup Creative client since December 2014, I have worked on the Accordance site, which is hosted on the Gutensite platform, since mid-2010.

From the homepage to the custom search engine, store, cart, and checkout process, Bronstrup Creative keeps Accordance’s site and store running quickly, smoothly and efficiently. The rotating ad modules seamlessly rearrange themselves to be accessible at mobile sizes, as does every other element of the site.

The Accordance site is ever-evolving, with new features being added and the look and feel constantly and fluidly changing in response to the needs of their customers. Work is underway to fully automate the Pay Plan program and make the Features Tour page fully responsive (we’re still discussing the best way to handle the side menu) and, also, to redesign the News section and streamline the Blog.