Bio: Shelby Bronstrup

Shelby Bronstrup

Hi, I’m Shelby. My favorite colors are black and rainbow, but not in that order.

I spent two years as a print designer for a Centralia, WA newspaper simply known as The Chronicle, specializing in pre-press and ad layout. I’ve been blogging since 2001 (when I started with LiveJournal), dabbling in graphic design since the early 2000’s, and designing for the web since 2006. Some time during all of that, I was also employed to proofread press releases for a well-known charity organization.

I have a strong interest in photography and am continually improving as a photographer, with my husband’s assistance. Along with that, I have an undying love for (and extensive knowledge of) typography. Yes, I’m a font freak.

Although it’s no longer on LiveJournal, I do still run a fairly awesome blog. You should probably check it out.